Professional Guitar Lessons in North West London

When it comes to learning music there’s no substitute for receiving one-to-one guidance from an experienced tutor. I’ve taught guitar lessons to well over 500 students since 2005 and consider it one of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my life as a professional musician. My students have gone on to tour internationally in professional bands, play West End musicals, attend the best modern music universities across the world and become teachers themselves.

On this page I’ve detailed the various different professional guitar lessons I offer in North West London. Lessons take place in my professionally-equipped home studio on Willesden High Road NW10, an inspiring environment filled with equipment, my library of education books and other learning resources. I can also provide lessons online via Zoom, a popular choice in the post-pandemic environment! To book a lesson or enquire for further details please contact me here:

All lessons are unique and bespoke to student requirements.

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

I enjoy helping people of all ages take their first steps learning the guitar. My primary focus in beginner lessons is making sure students first lessons are a positive, encouraging experience that help nurture a lifelong love of playing music. My key strategy is to identify early in the process the individual needs and musical tastes of each student, then to help them develop the fundamentals of guitar ability and musical understanding through working on music relevant to their interests.

I’m a firm believer in creating unique pathways of learning for every student and I think this is particularly essential in the early stages to maximise sustained enthusiasm and commitment from the learner. Sometimes younger students work best with a set syllabus of learning (I recommend RockSchool books), whilst older students and adults typically prefer studying arrangements of music they’re familiar with that I can adapt to be suitable for their specific level during the lessons.

Fees: Lesson Fees
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for each lesson. Young adults must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their first lesson.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Once someone has got the basics of guitar under their fingers the options for possible areas of study open up somewhat. Typically the direction of study is dictated by the goals of the student; pop and rock players may enjoy learning more advanced repertoire and developing their chord vocabularies, metal players might want to focus more on technique, guitarists who sing may focus more on the skills required to accompany themselves and fans of more improvisational music like blues may prefer to focus on developing a working vocabulary of suitable phrases and approaches to common musical scenarios. Maybe you have your own ideas for what you’d like to study.

Though by no means necessary, this can also be a great time for Grade studies if the student wishes. I wholeheartedly recommend the Rockschool books for this purpose, especially the new 2018 syllabus which offers both made-to-measure study pieces and arrangements of popular songs suitable for each level.

Fees: Lesson Fees
Young adults must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their first lesson.

Advanced Guitar Lessons and Mentoring

As students develop into skilled players in their own right, specialist studies in their chosen musical field become the best way to achieve a professional standard of playing. Much like working with a personal trainer for physical fitness, developing a longterm mentor-like relationship with a musical coach who can offer expert advice and guidance is the most effective way to continue to grow your musical abilities.

I offer advanced lessons in the following areas:

  • Modern Guitar Technique – precise breakdown and development of advanced alternate picking, sweep picking, economy picking, hybrid picking, modern legato, bi-dextral tapping, slapping, thumping and more
  • Applied Music Theory – learn how and why music works along with the mental and physical processes required to effortlessly hear and see these ideas on your instrument
  • Improvisation – combine your technical chops and theoretical knowledge to spontaneously improvise advanced rock, blues and other modern styles via the study of phrasing, fretboard orientation and transcription.

Fees: Lesson Fees
Young adults must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for their first lesson.

Music Production Lessons

Asides from guitar lessons I’m also experienced in teaching modern music production lessons. If you’re interested in learning to use either Cubase 10 or Logic Pro, I can help you from basic orientation through to specialist rock and modern metal mixing and mastering tips. My home studio is well equipped for demonstration, or you can bring your laptop with you for exact help with your own setup. Often learning the basics of operating a DAW can be worked in with more general music or guitar lessons. Drop me an email for more information.

Additional Options

I can offer custom lesson types to suit your requirements including group lessons, half- or full-day master sessions, week-long intensive courses in areas of your choosing, monthly mentoring sessions and many more…

If you have something in mind please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss the perfect lesson arrangements for your needs.

Qualifications and Other Information

I hold a BMus Degree in Popular Music Performance on which I specialised in modern guitar styles, as well as a Level 6 Licentiate Diploma in Music Teaching. I also have an up-to-date full-disclosure DBS certificate and have completed an NSPCC Child Protection and Welfare certificate course; all are viewable on request. I can provide references if you’re a parent who’d like to speak to other parents about their child’s experiences learning with me prior to booking lessons.

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